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The Shubenacadie Canal and waterway is being brought back to life by a volunteer commission. In April of 2003 the commission refined and committed to this vision. 

We are a waterway, bounded by a greenbelt, spanning the Province from Halifax Harbour to the Cobequid Bay - linking communities enroute.

We are an historic treasure, recognized at home and abroad, as a unique system of natural lakes and rivers connected by man-made locks, canal cuts and inclined planes. 

We enhance access to the use of the waterway for recreational, educational, cultural and economic benefits for residents, businesses and visitors.

This heritage waterway offers numerous points of interest and a chance to learn of our past and how we are only limited by our imaginations. It offers canoe and kayak enthusiasts a number of world class sites (several international competitions have been held here) as well as paddling environments found nowhere else in the world. In the northern part of the canal the tidal bore rapids offer a uniquely challenging environment for rafters. With all these things and more to offer you the Shubenacadie Canal is truly one of this country's great national history and tourism sites.

The Shubenacadie Canal Commission publishes regular NEWSLETTERS for the information of the public. To view the most recent editions click here.

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~Click here to see where the Shubenacadie canal runs ACROSS NOVA SCOTIA, Canada.

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Lock Three - Shubie Park

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