More Navigation

In the Basic Navigation Tutorial you have learned about using the arrow keys to move from one link to another, to follow a link and return to the previous document.

Moving within a Document

You have already been introduced to using the space bar to view the next screen of a document. You can also move downward using the down arrow to go to the next link. To move back to a previous screen, you can either use the [B] key (B for back) or the Up arrow to take you to a link on the previous screen. Sometimes you want to go back just a bit to catch the last few lines of context; you can do this with the [left square bracket] key. Similarly, the [Right Square Bracket] key will show you the next few lines. Try out these keys now.

To go directly to the beginning of a document, use the < key and the > key to go straight to the end. (Remember to press the 'Shift' key)

Link Numbers

Many people will often prefer to follow directly a desired link rather than using the down arrow to move to it. To do this, just enter the number of the link (the link number appears in square brackets preceding the link) and then press RETURN.

Searching Within the Document

To find a word in the current document, type [w] followed by the word you seek and then press RETURN. This will take you to the next occurrence of the word, highlighting the word to draw your attention to it. The [n] key will search for the next occurrence of the same word.


A number of shortcuts exist, allowing you to go directly to frequently referenced documents. The key to press is [g] for "go to" and you can call up a list of all the shortcuts by just pressing [return] after the [g]. The [left arrow] will return you to where you were before using the [g] key, except with news and mail. For example, [go mail] will allow you to access your electronic mail without having to go through any menus. Try [g] followed by ? to see the list now. You can get back here with your back arrow. Another valuable shortcut is [go home] which will take you to the home page of Chebucto Community Net.

Searching Other Documents

If you are looking for information and you don't know where to find it, you can search all the documents on the system for a word or words. The way to do this is to use a shortcut to go directly to the Finding Information page. Type [go info] and then select one of the search options.

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