The (Lynx) p Command - Printing Options

When you press the "p" key, you are presented with some information and some options for printing the current document. To download a file by linking, see the d-command.
The information message is:

There are "n" lines, or approximately "n2" pages, to print.
The options are:

You have the following print choices
please select one

Save to a local file
Saves the currently displayed document in your home directory in the format displayed. This option is useful for making local copies of documents on remote machines and for copying a document as a template for one of your own.
Mail the file to yourself
Sends the document as a text message to your home email address. This option can be used as a means of distributing a document to other email addresses or as an alternate way of saving a document for later viewing (as email).
Print to the screen
Sends a complete document to the screen. Turn on your screen capture option in your local communications software, and the formatted document (without page break prompts) can be saved as a local file.
Use vt100 print sequence to print from your local terminal
If you must, turn on your printer and select this option. The document should immediately start printing.

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