Attaching Files to E-Mail

PINE, CCN's mailer, is MIME-compliant. This means you can attach any kind of file to your messages and send them to someone else. (As a courtesy, you should check ahead of time before sending a large file.) When composing a message, right above the Subject header, there is a header called Attachmnt: Make sure the file you want to attach resides in your home directory, and then type it's name in the Attachmnt: field. Remember, the recipient must have a MIME-compliant mailer to receive and successfully detach the file. Verify this in advance, to avoid bounced or garbled mail.

Also, note that the file you want to attach *must* reside in your home directory on CCN. If it is stored on your local machine's hard drive, you must first go to the file area and upload it to CCN.

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