E-Mail Signatures

The secret is having the file called "signature" in your home directory.

        1.  Go to the File Manager [go files].
        2.  Position the cursor over the file "signature"
        3.  Press e to update the file.  This action brings you into the
            Pico editor.
        4.  Make any changes in the file you would like.  It starts out blank.
        5.  Control-x to save the file and exit.
The next time you send e-mail, the signature will appear.

Multiple Signature Files

If you want to use a number of different signatures, depending on who you're sending your mail to, go to the file area, and press "n", then "f", to create a new file. Give it an appropriate name, and then edit it. Do this for as many signatures as you want. Then when composing a mil message, erase the default signature, and press ^r. Type in the file name of the signature you want, and it will be read in.

Signature to Bottom

Go to PINE's main menu by pressing 'm'. Then select 's' for setup and 'c' to configure. Page down to the bottom and look for the option '[ ] signature-at-bottom'. Select 'x' to toggle. Exit the configuration menu. Exit PINE. The next time you startup PINE, your signature will appear at the bottom when replying.
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